Endorsed Data Sources for Diversity Planning

A list of credible links to assess your population data and trends:

Data Source


How to access?  

Your local council 

Your local council gathers data about who lived in their community

Check out your local government/ council website.  


Discover key insights into demographics, population, language, statistics and more. Based on ABS data

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)  

For general population data in each region    

Table builder 
Search Census data provides a simple way to understand an area at a glance. 
Data Explorer is an interactive web browser where you can view, query and download data. 
DataPacks contain comprehensive data about people, families and dwellings for all Census geographies ranging from Australia down to Statistical Area Level 1 

Diversity Atlas

Diversity Atlas provides a world-first definition and measurement of cultural diversity, along with the knowledge and insight necessary for inclusive strategies. 

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

Interpretation of ABS data 
Reports into some diversity groups 
Proxy data measures for diversity groups    

Aged Care overview (2022)
The AIHW’s GEN website provides data, statistics and reports on aged care services in Australia.  It reports on capacity and activity in the aged care system focusing on the people, their care assessments and the services they use. 
AIHW work on aged care data improvements.  

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Veterans . Uses government data.

ID profile

Suburb-based community profiles (based on Census data) 

Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) Population Ageing Futures Data Archive 

Projections of the composition and diversity of Australia’s older population.   

Detailed population projections are currently available for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, Australia’s migrant populations, and Australia's sexual minority population, as well as estimates of Australia’s ‘oldest-old’ population and projections of how the COVID-19 pandemic affects population ageing in Australia.  
Over the coming year, CEPAR will be releasing on a rolling basis further projections and estimates of English language proficiency, religiosity, dementia and detailed sub-national estimates of future ageing.