The Diversity Series: Equity Over Equality

The difference between treating people the same, and treating them fairly.


Speaker 1: The importance of understanding the difference between equity and
equality is vital in delivering appropriate healthcare.

Equality is treating everyone the same, but it often assumes that
everyone is starting at the same level and has the same needs.

Equity, on the other hand, is fair and considers that each person will
have unique needs based on their individual situation.

Even better would be removing barriers altogether.

For healthcare staff, this difference is important to keep in mind
when we are assisting people to access resources. This difference is
particularly important when it comes to older people who have a
right to appropriate healthcare relevant to the assistance they need.

For each person, we must make sure that their healthcare is readily
available, accessible, and acceptable for who they are and what they

If it isn’t, we need to assess what can be done to make sure it is
adequate, ensuring everyone gets the attention they deserve. Visit
our website to learn more about diversity.