Physical Activity and Older People – Resources and Information

What is meant by physical activity?

Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure, or in simple terms, any activity that gets your body moving, makes your breathing become quicker and your heart beat faster

Being physically active and staying fit and healthy will help you to get the most out of life, whatever your age. Having health problems doesn’t mean you can’t be physically active. Any increase in activity can be beneficial for physical and mental health.

Physical activity includes exercise as well as other activities which involve bodily movement and are done as part of playing, working, active transportation, house chores and recreational activities.

Key Organisations

Peak bodies, advocacy groups and other organisations

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Professional organisation for physiotherapists, includes professional development and resources.

Professional organisation for exercise and sports science practitioners, includes information for other health professionals.

Advisory body for safe participation of all Australian in sport, and medical and health issues for active people. Resources includes fact sheets and guidelines.

For Consumers

Resources to use, together with consumers, to support their needs and encourage an active lifestyle

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Booklet for older Australians to encourage them to be more physically active.

Information about exercising with chronic conditions for consumers.

Information, videos and mobile app about pelvic floor safe exercises targeted to people who experience, or are at risk of pelvic floor problems.

Article showing a number of simple physical exercises appropriate for older people.

Information on physical activity and exercise for older people developed by physiotherapists, for older people and health professionals.

Suggestions for physical activities and stretches for those 65 years and older.

Find safe spots to walk and walking maps.

Article about the benefits of walking for those living with arthritis, and how to start a walking routine.

Physical Activity Resources for Health Professionals

Information, resources, and educational programs to assist health professionals 

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Well for life is toolkit suitable for health professionals, focusing on nutrition, physical activity and emotional wellbeing in older people.

Reports and Policy

Research papers, reports, reviews and guidelines providing a deeper, evidence-based perspective on physical activity and older citizens

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