Social Wellbeing Resources for Older People

What is meant by social wellbeing?

Social wellbeing is the sense of engagement with other people and the community. It includes the extent to which you feel a sense of belonging, inclusion, trust and reciprocity in relationships and society, as well as your identity, function and place within society.

Social wellbeing can be fostered through social engagement through community groups, sports, societies and volunteering, as well as strengthening familial and personal relationships.

Key Organisations

Peak bodies, advocacy groups and other organisations in supporting social wellbeing in older people

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Practical support, specialised services and resources for Men’s Sheds. List of Men’s Sheds, which aim to increase health and wellbeing in men through participation in projects, making friends and social interaction.

Neighbourhood Houses and Centres are locally run and operated organisations aimed at increasing social inclusion and sense of community.

Social Wellbeing Resources For Consumers

Resources to use, together with consumers, to support their needs

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Australian government initiative to increase the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians.

Booklet with practical and evidence-based suggestions to facilitate continued and new social connections and networks for older people.

Organisation of clubs which provide social, educational, physical and recreation activities to older adults to help develop and maintain an engaged lifestyle.

RSPCA NSW based program helping older people with pet care in difficult times.

Social support and senior care services for older people, including welfare calls, home visits, peer support, meals, transport and personal alarms.

Queensland information and referral service providing telephone support about topics of interests to seniors.

List of social connection programs for seniors in Queensland, and tips on avoiding isolation and staying connected in the community.

Information about the Chats program, which provides older Tasmanians living independently with the opportunity to increase social engagement and wellbeing through social activities, phone calls and events.

Service set up to support grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Includes opportunities for respite and camps, programs, and directory of appropriate services.

Victorian based Seniors Groups running education, recreation and social programs. Also available in other states.

Online short courses for older people. Especially suitable for isolated individuals, be it geographically, physically or socially.

Information and volunteer opportunities.

NSW-based organisation offering social and learning opportunities for older Australians.

This manual includes tools help members of men’s sheds support and communicate with men with dementia and their careers.

For Health Professionals

Information, resources, and educational programs to assist health professionals to promote social wellbeing in older people

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Seniors Events and Festivals

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