Dementia Resources

Information on Living with Dementia

Dementia describes a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain – it is not one specific disease. Dementia affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday tasks, which is enough to interfere with the person’s normal social or working life.

This section includes resources aimed at supporting those living with dementia, whether you are a health professional, friend, or family member.

Key Organisations

Peak bodies, advocacy groups and other organisations

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Advocacy, support services, help sheets, education and information in various languages related to all types of dementia, suitable for people with dementia, families, friends and health professionals.

Free, individualised support and resource library for people with dementia and their carers to improve quality of life.

Free confidential information and support via phone and/or email.

For Consumers

Resources to use, together with consumers, to support their needs

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An illustrated picture book by Sue Lawson about a child whose grandmother has memory loss.

An illustrated picture book by Mem Fox exploring memories and memory loss in older people.

Resources for families and health professionals related to dementia, relevant for people from CALD backgrounds.

MyAgedCare resource for those caring for a person with dementia.

Information related to making homes and care environments enabling for people with dementia, thus enhancing independence and quality of life.

Interactive, age-appropriate site for children to learn about dementia.

Dementia Australia guide for LGBTI people living with dementia, their families, friends and care partners.

Help sheets related to dementia designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

A series of Talking Books produced by Bolton Clarke, each with information sheets on different health topics in various languages.

For Health Professionals

Information, resources, and educational programs to assist health professionals 

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Resources related to dementia for health professionals working with people from Italy.

Clinical Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care related to dementia, relevant for health professionals.

Resources on epidemiological and diagnostic aspects of dementia and clinical resources related to screening and assessment, referral pathways and treatment  options.

Information about appropriate language for talking about dementia, and examples of preferred terms.

Dementia-specific training and education for health professionals.

Free, online 9- week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) covering current issues surrounding dementia, and how to improve quality of life for those living with dementia and their carers.

Reports and Policy

Research papers, reports, reviews and guidelines providing a deeper, evidence-based perspective

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Dementia Australia information about people with dementia and their capacity to drive.

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