Nutrition Resources for Older People

What do nutrition resources cover?

Our nutrition resources cover a number of areas related to nutrition, targeted at helping older people. This includes resources on healthy eating, food information and guidelines, malnutrition, eating disorders, and obesity.

Key Organisations in Nutrition

Peak bodies, advocacy groups and other organisations

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Information and resources for consumers and health professionals about living with Coeliac Disease. Includes multilingual fact sheets.

Assisting people living at home through the delivery of meals, as well as wellbeing checks and social contact.

Evidence based information and resources for consumers and health professionals regarding prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

National body promoting healthy eating. Includes resources, information and recipes for consumers.

Nutrition Resources For Consumers

Resources to use, together with consumers, to support their needs

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Information and resources about the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Guide for Healthy Eating.

Resource providing practical food and nutrition ideas, and advice for older people and their carers, and health professionals.

Resource for older people living with diabetes, discussion healthy eating and food choices.

This illustrated booklet, available in a variety of languages, is designed to help newly arrived community members to make healthy food choices.

Recipes and videos for easy, nutritious, budget-friendly one pot meals, targeted at seniors.

Information about nutrition and bone health. Includes what and how much to eat.

Resources for people with diabetes to eat and cook well.

For Health Professionals

Information, resources, and educational programs to assist health professionals to provide nutritional support to older people

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General practice information about screening for undernutrition, and strategies to address undernutrition in older people.

Well for life is a toolkit suitable for health professionals, focusing on nutrition, physical activity and emotional wellbeing in older people.

Reports and Policy

Research papers, reports, reviews and guidelines providing a deeper, evidence-based perspective

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Report from the WHO for health professionals, targeting the nutritional needs of older people.

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